Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Personal development

A painting for a friend

Work in progress

16x20' Acrylic, oil, spray paint on canvas.

"This is it, this is the start of something new, something different, something grand."

For those who follow me on here, and there are only 6 of you currently, I started this blog for a few reasons. The first reason as you can plainly see, is that I wanted to feature my artwork on the web, get it out there visually so people can see what I have sitting around in my room.

The second reason I started this blog, and a reason most of you aren't familiar with, is because I want to eventually write content for the web.

I majored in history at the U, the main reason I chose that degree is because I knew I would be able to pass my classes, and still have time to snowboard as much as possible. You see, snowboarding is my first true love, nothing in the world is as fun and exciting as strapping in at the top of the lift and going and doing what you love.

Now what do majoring in history, and writing for the web have in common you might ask? Well both of these pursuits would allow me flexibility to pursue my passion(s). I can't be boxed in an office, rigid schedules and monotony kill me. As the creative type, to suffer through a long 8 hour day, with a few short breaks and repetitious workloads is absolute torture.

To prove it, this time last year I had been at a new job for about 4 weeks. I was selling ADT security systems inbound. Meaning I would wait for the phone to ring, and once it did I had to immediately sell that person our product. I had done door to door before as well as been a collections agent for Discover card so it came naturally.

There was a problem though, I HATED it. 3 weeks into the job I was the number one sales rep on the team, and 3 weeks later I was fired. I couldn't show up for the job, and since they had a nice little system where I could just call their automated service and not show up, I abused the crap out of it.

So what does this have to do with you? Well since the internet is the future, and since a lot of you are the same personality as me I'm basically telling you to follow me, to see what I'm doing. I see myself being successful and soon, and I'd like to take some of you along with me.

I'm learning a great deal right now, and am willing to pass what I know onto you. If there's one thing I've learned about this world is it is too big for just me, and that's where you fit in.

So to my friends, and followers...let's do this.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My new website

Peep it

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Love is not a hole"

Not gonna get into this one.

Love is not a hole

So, for the few followers of this blog, I purchased a domain It will be the main site for finished works of art. This blog will be primarily used for updates and tirades. Eh

However one thing that I really can't stand about some artists website's. And something that won't be on mine is the rather pretentious "statement." Of course, you, as an artist are painting for a reason.

Whether you're making art because you enjoyed drawing, finger painting or even enjoyed anime more than the average person.

I get it.

But does this really make anyone understand what you were attempting to make. " I use a semblance of colors drawn from my natural and artificial environments, and seek to adapt them into what I ..."

Wouldn't this be a bit more helpful, you say something like: " I really enjoy the colors of fall and buildings, sooo that's what I paint, " "trees make me horny," or " Ya know, I really just wanted something for my walls, and so I started that way."

Ok, never mind now I need to get off my high horse. This here is a picture of today's work, enjoy, title explains it all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is the piece that 'officially' got me to where I am right now, an artist. When I look at this I think it's kinda crazy how much I have progressed. If you can read the words in there it was a few days after breaking up with the girl I was into at the time. (Her name was Andrea li in case anyone wonders...hahaha.)

I'm not gonna lie, the first few months of painting were an alcohol and weed fueled sprint. I probably turned out 40 or so pieces. When thinking about how messed up I was, I'm not surprised I was so prolific. I had painted her something for Christmas, and had some left over paint tubes and thought to myself. "Hey isn't that what artists do, get drunk and high and paint their emotions out. I'm pretty glad that I stuck with it. It's nice to have this release, a chance to make the world a slightly more beautiful place, for those who don't find it so.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TRANSFORMERS, D-bags in disguise

Can anyone tell me what the deal with these stickers is? I'm not one to vent( if you believe that then you never hung out with me stoned or drunk) but these have got to top the list for dumbest things ever. What the hell are you trying to tell me by placing these ridiculously large stickers on the back of your car? That at any moment your truck just might flip out and turn into a talking robot with a gun big enough to give even Barack Obama an erection? Or let me guess, you thought Michael Bay was such a genius that you were willing to devote a few hundred square inches of your vehicle to extolling his genius film making? I get it, Shia Lebouf was probably the thing you fell in love with if you're a dude with these stickers, and if you're a girl, you probably are wishing you had dyked out on Megan Fox and these lousy stickers are the closest you'll ever come to her.

And what's with this guy? Decepticon and Autobot, does he even have a side, damn! Bad enough he's got em right next to each other. It's enough confusion to cause the comic nerd behind you to choke on his big gulp as he reaches over to roll down the window at you and scream blasphemy!

Success is an extension of your will. Of course it helps to know people that can help you rise to the top, but if you never put in the effort and if you never choose to risk then will you ever really succeed?

Monday, April 19, 2010

String triplet

I'm working on nearly ten pieces right now, trying to pump out a bunch before the first art day a Lantelme original will go for a lot more than they will on 2010. This one is called String triplet.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Made this for my very good friend Mike, hope he likes it.