Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love is not a hole

So, for the few followers of this blog, I purchased a domain It will be the main site for finished works of art. This blog will be primarily used for updates and tirades. Eh

However one thing that I really can't stand about some artists website's. And something that won't be on mine is the rather pretentious "statement." Of course, you, as an artist are painting for a reason.

Whether you're making art because you enjoyed drawing, finger painting or even enjoyed anime more than the average person.

I get it.

But does this really make anyone understand what you were attempting to make. " I use a semblance of colors drawn from my natural and artificial environments, and seek to adapt them into what I ..."

Wouldn't this be a bit more helpful, you say something like: " I really enjoy the colors of fall and buildings, sooo that's what I paint, " "trees make me horny," or " Ya know, I really just wanted something for my walls, and so I started that way."

Ok, never mind now I need to get off my high horse. This here is a picture of today's work, enjoy, title explains it all.

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  1. i agree with you. sometimes i just enjoy art because it's pretty not because there's some meaning behind it.