Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TRANSFORMERS, D-bags in disguise

Can anyone tell me what the deal with these stickers is? I'm not one to vent( if you believe that then you never hung out with me stoned or drunk) but these have got to top the list for dumbest things ever. What the hell are you trying to tell me by placing these ridiculously large stickers on the back of your car? That at any moment your truck just might flip out and turn into a talking robot with a gun big enough to give even Barack Obama an erection? Or let me guess, you thought Michael Bay was such a genius that you were willing to devote a few hundred square inches of your vehicle to extolling his genius film making? I get it, Shia Lebouf was probably the thing you fell in love with if you're a dude with these stickers, and if you're a girl, you probably are wishing you had dyked out on Megan Fox and these lousy stickers are the closest you'll ever come to her.

And what's with this guy? Decepticon and Autobot, does he even have a side, damn! Bad enough he's got em right next to each other. It's enough confusion to cause the comic nerd behind you to choke on his big gulp as he reaches over to roll down the window at you and scream blasphemy!

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